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April 24, 2016
N'Style Atlanta
Project description

Born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, Ayana Moss is a true Georgia Peach. An avid skater, Ayana always knew she had a gift for entertainment. In her late teens Ayana joined a local female rap group calling herself “Jett Blakk”. Never landing a record deal Jett Blakk began her career as a Television Host for a Public Access Television Show called Urban Runway TV (URTV). The show aired for 2 1/2 years earning local notoriety and the attention of party promoters, celebrities, and media expanding her job description to event host, model, and city socialite. Expanding her brand Jett began promoting her own parties, recording as a solo artist, and joining philanthropic efforts to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis in honor of her mother currently living with M.S. Today Jett Blakk is one of the hosts of Web show N’Style Atlanta and moonlights as everyone’s favorite “StarTender” at Wet Willies Atlanta. While Jett Blakk’s stunning beauty and popping personality increases her popularity on social media you can still find this humble, sweet, loving socialite on the skate floor in West Atlanta on any given Sunday.

Instagram:  Jett: @jett_blakk